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The Big 4 in Slide Design

10 months ago

Last week we talked about a few ways to have a good presence when you are giving a presentation, so now we want to go over a few ways to make your presentation slides the most effective. There are four tools that you can use to make sure that your slides are not just visually appealing, but successful at getting your message across.


  1. Proximity: Make sure your items on your slide are grouped together appropriately. If text and images are awkwardly displayed on the slide, it can look unprofessional. You don’t want to have a piece of text in the far corner of your slide and an image in the other corner. Try grouping together like items (text with it’s associated image, titles with subtitles, etc.)


  1. Contrast: The one thing that you want to avoid is having elements of your slides fade into the background which is why contrast is so important. Having colors that are on opposite sides of the spectrum, bold lines, and differing font sizes create contrast on your slides. You want the important elements of your slide to stick out, and contrast is how you can do it.


  1. Repetition: This concept goes along with keeping each of your slides connected with a theme. You don’t want your slides to look disjointed, so try repeating colors, images, or layouts throughout your entire presentation to create seamless transitions from one slide to the next.


  1. Alignment: This applies to each slide itself, by making sure that no one element looks disjointed from the rest. The easiest way to achieve alignment within your slides would be to enable the ‘gridlines’ feature on your slides, and align each element with something else.


There you have it. Be sure to remember these tips when creating your next presentation!