Laura Moriarity

Chief Copywriter & Project Manager


Laura has been working in the content business for years. She loves to taking client’s ideas and

expertise and turn it into engaging and transformative content. Publishing in a variety of

areas from major online fashion and lifestyle magazines to academic dental journals,

Laura possesses the unique skill of turning her client’s life work into words.  To see her most recent

work check out her impressive portfolio.

Alana Rodrigues

Art Director & Lead Graphic Designer

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Alana has been working internationally as a graphic designer for nearly a decade.

Alana works tirelessly to perfect her original designs for clients. Alana spends time with friends and family

when she is not designing. For more information about Alana and her creative works see her website here.

Anna Macdonald

Copy Editor

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Anna Macdonald is a woman of many interests. Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a

degree that her siblings can’t remember (Materials Science and Engineering), she now lives in

Portland, Oregon with her husband and six (yes, really!) kids. She got into copyediting when an

author friend sent an advance copy of their book and she immediately asked if she could point out

all the typos. Only occasionally that obnoxious person on Facebook who corrects your grammar,

Anna has a keen eye for detail and a good grasp of information flow. Her failed attempts, err…side

interests…include education (a now-abandoned attempt at homeschooling), app-programming

(check out Memorize Math on the Google Play store!), and website design (she did

the html/css/javascript on for a copyediting client). But her first love still remains reading

books (don’t tell her husband); Anna often sees her copyediting as a way to trick people into paying her

to read books. Her copyediting experience ranges from dense nonfiction (Re-Modeling the Mind

by Ruth Johnston) to lighter YA fare (The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, by L. Jagi

Lamplighter), and her past clients include Hugo nominee John C. Wright.

Deirdre Mundy

Contract Copywriter

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A graduate of the University of Chicago, Deirdre Mundy has over a decade of experience as a

copywriter specializing in healthcare, technology, science,  and education.  Her past clients have

included Tom’s of Maine, Colgate, and the CK12 Foundation.  She’s authored math textbooks, written

pieces about cooking and eating insects, and has helped hundreds of clients craft their messages and

reach wide audiences.  She excels at internet research, blog posts, advertorials, web copy and press

releases. In her spare time, Deirdre writes and publishes children’s fiction. Her stories have appeared

in several large-circulation children’s magazines, including Highlights and Babybug.