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Improving Your Presence for Presentations

11 months ago

Giving presentations can be a great tool to highlight yourself and your brand. While they are an effective marketing tool, there are ways that you can be an even better presenter. So, here are a few tips to make your presence while you are giving your presentation stand out.


  • Keep the Lights On: While many people like to make their presentations more dramatic, keeping the lights on when you are giving your presentation is a helpful tip to make sure that the audience can see your face. 55% of connecting with your audience is about your body language, and so the audience has to be able to see you while you are presenting.
  • Don’t Look at your Slides: If you are using powerpoint or a similar program, make sure that you know your slides well enough that you don’t have to look at them. It is okay to reference your slides, but use the saying: Commit to the slide or commit to the audience when deciding what you want your focus to be. If there is a slide that you want to draw your audience to, walk over to the slide and use your motions to draw their attention, but then make sure that you can draw their attention back to you. You want your slides to assist the presentation, but not be the focus of it.
  • Avoid a Podium: If you can, try to avoid hiding behind any large object. Being able to have the ability to move around the stage, or even giving the audience the opportunity to see you is a great way to make a personal connection.


These are just a few tips for making your presentation even better! Stay tuned for more tips on effective slides, and body language!