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How to Increase Participation

9 months ago

It can be hard to get people excited about what you are doing. Whether it is an audience at a presentation or a social media following, you always hope to gain more followers, or get the ones that you already have to be actively interested in what you are doing. So check out a few tips on how to increase that participation!


  • Be Consistent: The saying ‘whatever you do, be consistent with it’ could not be more true. Whether you are doing one talk a month or one blog post a week, be consistent and follow that schedule. If you are reliable, that will accrue interest.
  • Keep Things Interesting: New ideas are a must when trying to gain or keep followers. If you have a blog post, try shaking things up with a collaboration, or if you have a social media following, do a contest.
  • Give People an Opportunity to Show Their Friends: Along the same lines of a contest, give people incentive to share what you are doing with their friends. It could be in the forms of a giveaway that they have to share your post to be entered, or a talk that they have to bring a friend to be entered in a raffle. This also leads into the next point:
  • Have Incentives: People have to be incentivised to stay interested. Whether that is in the form of a physical prize or something else, people need a reason to stay interested.


There you have it! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about how to improve your brand!